Welcome to my Personal Finance blog! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike Zeiter. I am a Certified Public Accountant living in Missouri who specializes in personal taxes and financial coaching.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “What in the world would make me want to read a blog written by a CPA? It’s already boring enough to listen to them talk!” Trust me, I get it. Finances are dull. Taxes are a headache. Budgeting can seem less exciting than getting a cavity filled. My goal is to make this blog informative, but also entertaining for my readers. I want to help you understand important financial topics so that you can make the best decision for your money.

I’m starting this blog to hopefully empower people to take control of their financial lives. Everyone is different. There is no one right answer for how you should handle your money. I wish I could write a book that says, “How to be RICH.” Everyone could just start at page 1 and be wealthy by the end. Personal finance doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.  I want you to understand the options and make the best decision for you and your family.

I invite you all to take this journey with me. My hope is that I can use this blog to help people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all income points, with every piece of financial baggage or none of it. I hope to help readers with their finances that I may not be able to reach on a personal level. This blog is about you, not me. So, if you don’t like posts, email me and tell me how I can make it better. Your opinion is more important than mine.

Again, welcome to the blog! I’m excited to have you here and can’t wait to hear from you. If you would, comment below with finance/tax topics you would like to learn about!


Mike Zeiter, CPA